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video production

Video is presently one of the utmost effective ways to tell your story and Pig Images is one of Western Australia's most experienced creators. 2014 is our 20th year and we're celebrating with the opening of a brand new office in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Graphic Design

Telling your story through powerful, good-looking design will promote your prospective clients to turn the page. Pig Images creates creative, imaginative design to suit your brief, make it cutting edge or leaning more towards the traditional.


With today's technology and our knowledge, we can shape your website closest to your wishes.We can create a complete web solution for you, or only develop your existing material.

Content Marketing for Beginners

There are a lot of internet marketing types that are being used by many businessmen and entrepreneurs today. One of those is content marketing. For those who do not know what content marketing is, this marketing technique utilizes the use of high quality, relevant and informative content for attracting customers and visitors to a website. Content does not always mean blogs or any written articles. Content also mean videos, photos and audio uploads.

No matter what kind of content is used, content marketing is being utilized to deliver information that customers need even though the content is not primarily about the business, service or the product that it offers. This is the reason that any business that is into content marketing needs to have targeted goals set so that they can easily identify with clients and encourage them to have better customer relationship with the business or company.

To get started, let’s discuss sharing your content using an RSS feed. If your content is not interactive or engaging then it will not attract too many RSS consumers. Consumers are not looking for saleable content; they are looking for useful and relevant information. For example if you are running an advertising campaign for the launch of a new paint then you need to target the different home improvement blogs and websites as a part of your RSS advertising & marketing campaign. In a home improvement blog, you will find the audience who will be interested about the various aspects of home improvement, repairs and how they can be done and what all they can use. This will boost your advertising efforts.

Another important aspect is the matter, the concept in the advertisement. Don’t try to sell the product, try to attract people with a story. If you present a nice story with information, facts, research analysis, benefits, pros and cons then it will increase a reader’s interest and thirst for knowledge. This will be advertising at its best.

To build lasting customer relationship, content marketing is needed. As you start your business, you know that it is most likely all about making relationships with a lot of people. It is one of the key components to be successful in business. Content marketing is vital here because it provides clients vital information about the product they need even before they purchase a product. When you have relevant and valuable information, clients will more likely to come to you and avail of your services and products compared to others.

In the end, there is nothing like fresh and creative content. How many times would you read about a product in articles that have been rewritten over and over again? It will be boring, monotonous and put you off. This stands true for all consumers. Hence the need is for refreshing content that will hold a readers attention and keep adding new content.  The goal is to attract consumers with intellect and not the same old story—content marketing can help with this and help your business stand apart from the crowd.

Why Write a Blog for your Business

Why should you write a blog for your business?

What is the good that can come from writing content on different sites? Well, there is a lot of beneficial things that come from starting a blog for your business. You always want to make sure your business has a voice. Whether this comes from advertisements or a page on social media, you need to get your name out there. Another great way to do this is to start a blog. A blog can do things that a normal page on social media cannot. It can be much more casually written and be much more engaging with customers. A blog that interacts with customers is exactly what you want when trying to make a name for yourself in customer satisfaction. All businesses want to connect with consumers all around, so why not start a blog.

Another great reason to start a blog for your business is because it is actually very simple. WordPress and Hubspot are two very popular blogging platforms you can use online that do not require any expert experience. Just about anyone can watch a few videos or just mess around on the platform and they will figure things out. After this, all that remains is writing the content. This is where the fun begins. Blogs are not like your usual social media page posts. They can be much more laid back and less serious. They can talk about anything pertaining to your business, or simply talk about a trend or news that is interesting.

A blog should always link back to your business, so stay on a schedule and talk about things that can get people interested in your company. Be sure to choose topics that are not too far-fetched, and also try to make things engaging. Don’t write a blog post just to get one out of the way. Find a meaningful topic that you want to write about that you can easily link back to the business. Develop a content library for your business. Keep your blogs categorized and easy to look through. The better your posts look, the more visitors you should see on all of the blogs. When people can find the topics they want to read easily, they are more likely to stick around and possibly read even more.

The last reason why you should write a blog for your business is because it does not cost much to get started. A simple blogging platform and some content writing skills are all you truly need to get starting writing blogs for your business. Once you start writing blogs for your business, you should start seeing more customer interaction. This will better your brand name and create confidence in your business. There are so many benefits to writing a blog, and I really can’t think of the downsides. All the time spent writing blogs will pay off when you start expanding your brand name and gaining customers. Blogs are totally worth it if you are willing to stick to a schedule and write some meaningful content.

How to Write a Press Release

There are so many ways that you can mess up a press release and make it sound bad that it isn’t even funny. Many times, press releases will be written up in a way that makes them very repetitive and filled with words that are there only to occupy the space that would otherwise be empty. Please do not be that person that writes a press release and does not take the time to review it and look for errors or run on sentences that make a whole section just sound weird. You want to make a press release very, very readable. And when I say make it readable, you really need to do this. You now ask, why? Well, it is because the very few people that will probably end up reading your press release need to be impressed with what it says. Press releases aren’t really the thing that will shoot up your popularity and make your business super good looking.

But what they can do is give you free publicity to whoever is willing to look at the press release. This is why you need to consider writing with a purpose. The people that do read this press release are the ones that you need to convince that your product is better than any others out there. One thing that is very nice about a press release is the costs that are associated with it, because they are close to none compared to the costs of true advertisement. But remember like I have already said and will continue to hammer in until it makes me tired of writing is that you have to make this press release look professional. If you don’t, it will make your business look like a joke, even if barely any people read it. A bad press release is a chance for someone to make your business look bad itself.

The idea behind a press release is to give information about a product that you are going to sell. This is the first point that you want to have in your press release. It is all about the sale of your particular product. You have to make it look good, sound appealing, and list out the advantages of using your product versus the competition. If the product is not something that is super important in the eyes of consumers, it certainly will not be in the eyes of reporters. You have to think about your first target audience, and that is the people that will make your press release successful.

It is kind of strange, having to not only write a good press release, but then have to rely on reporters to make it do what you wrote it to do, and that is to attract customers. That is the main goal, so be sure to make your business sound good, your product to sound like people really need it and it is a necessity to have, and that you are the company that people want to buy from because of your great deals and amazing service.

Tips for Successful Blogging

Blogging is something that really does take time to master. Just like any other skill in the world, blogging takes time and practice to really get it down and to understand what it takes to successfully make blogs and post them. There are a few things that I always try to remember when I am blogging that help make things go a lot smoother and improve the blog’s quality. Making sure your blog is readable and understandable is a big thing to remember. If the audience cannot read or understand what you are trying to say in your blog, then there is a huge disconnect and you may need to rethink how you are writing your blogs.

One thing that I always keep in mind while I blog is to keep writing. Sure, sometimes you will have to go back and correct a grammatical error or something or that sort, but you should always try to go with the flow of your writing and just let the words that you are writing come into your mind as you write them. It does not have to be perfect. Always remember this, you are not going to make a perfect blog post. Nobody is, because there will always be some part of your blog that someone may not really understand, and that is perfectly fine.

You have to remember that the goal is to be understandable and also entertaining. You do not want to write a boring blog with nothing exciting contained within it. If you do this, it becomes more like an informational post rather than an interesting blog written by someone who really cares about what they are writing. Sure, some topics require a more boring composition, like this title for instance. The way to make this blog very successful is to provide you, the audience, with the information that you came to this blog to see, and that is the tips that I am giving you to write more successful blogs. As I already said before, writing blogs takes time and practice to really get good at them, so another way to really get good at writing them is to think of short stories and write them down.

These little short stories can be about anything in the entire world that you want to write about. They don’t even have to make any sense. All you have to do is to start writing. Once you start writing, there will come a point where your brain clicks and you will feel words and phrases coming to mind that you had never once thought of before. When this happens, you must keep writing. The more and more you write with a creative mindset on your own, the better your blogs will become as a result. Developing new vocabulary and phrases to use within your blog is very important, because as a blog writer, you will need to establish your own kind of blog writing style. Once you get the style down, the writing all becomes a breeze from there.

How to Start a Blog

There are many ways to start a blog. You have just read the first way, and that is to tell the reader exactly what the title of the blog says as well. But is it always that easy? No, and there are plenty of other options to starting a blog off on the right foot. It depends on what you are writing about and the mood and tone that you want to set for your blog from the very beginning. What are the best ways to start a blog off? Well, there really is no true “best way” to start off a blog, because you will want to start your blog with something that pertains to your topic. I would say that the best way to start a blog is to stay relevant and informative.

If you can stay relevant to the topic throughout your entire introduction to your blog, then you are setting yourself up for success. Trying to relate to the audience is a very good way to start a blog, as it will set a mood for the audience that makes them want to read even more to see if they can relate back with what you are writing. Not only this, but if you can make the audience feel a certain way about what you are blogging about, you can really pull people in from the start. Starting your blog with a relevant little intro or short story can set a great tone for the rest of the blog.

Keep the start of your blogs informative. Try to be very specific with what you are trying to blog about and get into some details early, that way the reader has something to learn about you from your blog. Maybe you give the audience advice about what you are blogging or maybe you tell them how you felt when you did this or that. Blogs can be about anything, so a good intro goes back to what your title is and what you want to blog about.

Some blogs try to start with a quote or good analogy. These can be effective, but try to stick with original blog content, because blogs are all about you and who you are. Try to stay creative during the beginning of your blog, because the more that you show through your writing the better. You never want to start a blog with an intro that is not inspired. You must have inspiration to blog about whatever it is you are blogging about, otherwise the start will be sloppy. But not just the start will be affected by this. If you are not inspired to blog, then I would say that you need to be extra careful during the beginning of your blog. Creativity and excitement is a big factor into a good start to a blog, so depending on what you are blogging about, try to incorporate some of this into the start. It will improve your blog in ways that you can’t even believe.

Keeping Your Blog Audience Entertained

This is a very hard thing to do. I will get that out of the way, and now get into the part where I tell you how to avoid people getting bored while looking at your blogs. The first key thing to do is to make sure you have an interesting title and maybe even a few decent looking pictures that can accompany the blog that you are making. If you don’t have any pictures, that is perfectly ok. But every blog should have a title that makes people want to read the blog, as this is the first thing they will see.

Next are the transitions that you use throughout the blog. If you can’t seem to find a flow of words that help transition your thoughts throughout the blog, then you may want to slow down and really think about what words you are using and in what sense you are using them. If everything you are writing sounds monotone and dull, then people will stop reading right away. But if you can hint to a few things throughout the blog that you write about, then people will want to read more and more.

Keeping an audience entertained is a pretty tough thing to do if it is a long blog post, so consider keeping it edited down to a nice size that doesn’t seem to run on for ever and ever. If someone will have to scroll down five pages just to get past the first thoughts in your blog, then you are probably writing way too much. I can understand that you may have a lot that you want to talk about, but blogs are never really meant to be a very long read, so keeping it short and sweet will help keep the audience entertained the whole time. You would much rather have someone read all of your two-page blog post rather than someone read one page of your eight-page blog post.

Another important thing to remember when writing a blog is to try and relate to the people that are reading it in some way. If you can’t relay a specific message to almost every single person that reads your blog, then the topic may be a bit too vague and you may need to focus in on what you were really trying to blog about. Then again, this is all very dependent on how well you can write and what it is that you are writing about. If it is a very interesting topic, then be sure to have some interesting content written in the blog.

People have very short attention spans online, and that is just the way it is these days. Keeping people entertained for long amounts of time takes tons of preparation and practice, and the only way to make your blogs more entertaining is to keep writing them more and more. The more you write them, the better writer you will become, and the blogs will then become better as you go.

Writing Effective Blogs for SEO

If you are starting to write blogs for SEO, then there are a few key things that you will need to remember when writing them out. Too many times people that are writing blogs for SEO try to make the blogs perfect and look amazing. Truth is, most of the blogs won’t really be read by others, and even if they are, the people reading probably won’t make it to the second paragraph. But even if this is the case, the blog posts should remain on topic and never stray too far from the type of blog you are writing.

Say, for example, you are writing a blog about travelling to California. Throughout this blog, the word California should be a very common thing that you read. Be sure to keep your writing within the bounds of California, and whatever you may be talking about, try to keep it within the topic that you are writing about in California. If you begin to talk about a place in California, but you don’t put the word California as part of the location, then this could lead to a different place than you intended. You want to try and keep everything tied in to California and never be vague on location.

Another thing to remember when writing blogs is to go with the flow. Never worry too much about how everything sounds and the order in which you put things in the blog. None of this will matter. All that really matters is that you have the content written and in the blog somewhere. But do try and get as many popular key words from the type of blog you are writing. If you are writing about food, then try to mention more common foods that can be found all around. You never want to stretch too far with the blog post. Keep it simple and known.

Writing blogs can be a hard thing to do if you can’t think of topics. Be sure to have a few different topics to choose from before you start writing blogs for SEO. This way, if you ever get tired of writing a blog for a certain topic, you can switch over to the next one and write away. You have to remember that these blogs need to contain the key words from your topic, and if you are getting tired of writing the same thing over and over, it means you are doing the write thing in the blog, but it may be time to switch over to a different topic.

Always remember that these blogs are not a competition to others. They are simply content that helps to gain additional traffic for whatever you may be trying to do with SEO. Do not stress over blog perfection, as it will just waste time and you will lose the money that you could have made doing other things for your SEO project. Visitors are the key, and writing more popular topics with good keywords is the way to go.

How to Brainstorm Blog Topics

So, you want to write a blog post, but you just can’t think of anything that really excites you to sit down and write about it. Well, one of the best things you can do to brainstorm an idea is to either go back through old photos you have taken any some trip or experience you had in the past. This is always an easy way to find someone you have done before that you could write about. It also helps to recall what happened on the day that you took that photo, so it becomes even more special.

Or maybe you have already written blogs about all of the interesting photos you have taken on vacations or road trips. Well, then maybe head into your kitchen and living room and look around at some of the items that are sitting right in front of you. Perhaps you would want to blog about the best kinds of television shows to watch or the best types of at-home seafood recipes. It sometimes becomes easy to forget that a blog can be about anything you want. And when I say anything, I mean anything in the world.

Get Inspired

Go outside and look around. If you see houses, maybe write about the best things to own in a home. Or maybe the best styles and architecture about houses. If you see trees and land, then write about the different types of wildlife that lives in your area and what it does. Maybe you recently saw a cool product in an ad while browsing the internet. Write about the potential of that product in your life and how it could affect daily life.

Something really easy to get your mind in the mood for a good, quality blog post is to listen to your favorite music. In fact, that is a simple topic right there. Compare music genres and decide on which one you like the most and write about why. Take a look around and notice the things all around you. What are you wearing? Write about the different styles of clothing you enjoy to wear and the benefits of wearing it.

How to Start Brainstorming

If you find yourself still without something to write about, then go ahead and write about why you can’t think of writing about something. At this point, something should pop into your head and give you the inspiration to write about that topic. After all, blog posts are all about inspiration. Think of a topic that really interests you and write about it. Writing about something that bores you won’t do you any good, as it will just be a pain to write and most likely sound boring when you read it back. You always want to make sure that when you are brainstorming a topic, you are confident in what you are writing about and that you enjoy writing it.

Maybe go onto the news and look at what is trending. Find a trending topic and get it posted out there. Man, there are just so many options for writing blogs it just gets to be silly. Go through a different blog posting website and read what they have posted about. Maybe you could blog even better than they did if you know the topic really well. When you are thinking of different topics to write about, do not be afraid to write about something you are not super familiar with. It could really inspire you to do more research and learn more about that topic. Not only are you finding something to write about, but you are learning more about it as you go. That is one of the best things that blog topics can do for you. Not only are you writing something for others to read, but you are also learning more for yourself that can help you in later writing.

Finally, try writing a short story. Get your brain thinking about fictional things and write a nice story. Somewhere along in writing that story you should start to see a theme in your writing, depending on what kind of story you are writing about. Just go with the flow and keep writing, and eventually you will start to see a pattern. This pattern of words and phrases can be used to think of a new blog topic that will use the same types of phrases. Boom, just like that you have thought of a new topic just by writing something totally random. Brainstorming is not as brain intensive as many people make it out to be. Just start writing and see where it takes you.

Cooking Blog

Do you love to cook? Would you spend every waking hour in the kitchen if you could, especially if you didnt have to work at a job everyday? What if you could earn money and do what you love at the same time? Sound good? Well, maybe you should look into home based business ideas for cooks. A multitude of these opportunities exist.

One of the most familiar cooking-related home based business ideas remains that of giving home parties in which you sell kitchen tools and utensils, cookbooks or even food products. If you enjoy getting together with people and can speak or demonstrate comfortably in front of others, you may be a great
candidate. Search on the Internet for companies that offer cooking-related products or look in a good home business magazine for possibilities. Your enthusiasm, combined with a great product, can start you on your way to a successful business.

If you are especially creative in the kitchen or have access to a collection of family recipes, you should consider creating your own cookbook. People absolutely love to collect different cookbooks even if they already own many others. With the Internet and the ease of computer desktop publishing, you can even self-publish your own cookbook. In fact, you could set up a website and sell your cookbook from there. On your site, you could offer a newsletter that gives sample recipes with the intention of getting the person to buy your complete cookbook. Alternately, you could start a blog, post some of your recipes and then offer the rest of your collection as a book. The home based business ideas and possibilities are endless in this realm.

Cook Books & Cooking Blogs

Another one of the best home based business ideas for those of you who love food and cooking is to become an online affiliate marketer for kitchen-related or cooking products. You can set up a simple web site about cooking and then promote various cooking-related products or books through advertising links.

Before you rack your brain figuring out how to write a cook book, and more importantly, how to publish a cook book, take some time to thoroughly research the why and what you are writing about, who you are writing for and when is the best time to launch your book. Whether you want to get published or whether you want to self publish your cook book, the same basics apply – you need a good understanding of the publishing industry. Without the basics, will you know if your contracts are in order, that your book is the best it can be and that your cook book marketing plan is actually an effective strategy? No – but, knowledge is power. It is crucial that you take enough time to educate yourself about the entire publishing industry.

Cooking remains an immensely popular subject both on and off the Internet. With so many possible cooking-related home based business ideas, theres no reason you cant make a living doing what you love.

Find out more and get inspiration by visiting Pinch of Yum.

Web Design Process

Few people don’t recognize what the desires of the web development process ought to be on the grounds that they don’t have any data to shape any sort of supposition that would set up any desires. All they know is that they hope to discover data on the web and they need to have the capacity to shop as well.

Those are actual expectations of the web development process that have reached millions of people around the world. The web development process is responsible for creating web sites, and the search engines that help people find all types of information. The information obtained can be used all sorts of ways and some people use it to invest money, and transfer funds between all of their accounts.

People really do know what their expectations of the web development process are; they just do not know how to put it into perspective. This might be because computers and the Internet only affect their life in one or two ways. It would be up to the millions of other people in the world to form their own expectations of the web development process to determine how productive the use will be in their lives.

Some people might not be able to form their own expectations of the web development process until they have become fully educated on the subject. Some colleges do offer web development courses but those offerings are few and far between and can be very difficult to find and afford without financial assistance.

Some people think the cost is fine because they have researched the school programs and have set their own expectations of the web development process and what they think the cost of the programs should be. Their expectations have been met when they find that they have avenues for funding and they have decided that the price is worthwhile because they are going to make a career out of the web development process.

Understanding Web Development

The web development industry is quite large and there are more people working behind the scenes than just the web developer’s name that is on the website. For example, a website for San Antonio Top Tree Service might have a whole team of people completely its web development. Some people might be tasked with doing the programming for the website and others are only centered on the networking side of web development. If the website can not be projected onto the Internet, then it would be totally worthless.

There is always an opportunity to set up different software when you are going through the web development process. This is because there are many computers that need various software programs installed before the web developer can even begin to develop a website.

There are some operating systems that offer more versatility to a web developer but other developer’s might like the Windows approach when they are in the web development process. Some might prefer to keep their programming code to a minimum and use web development tools to give them access to the objects that they need to place throughout a website.


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